• Does it look natural?

      Your treatment will look as natural and attractive as ordinary cosmetics. Dawn's expertise and professional consultation will ensure that she understands your needs and how you want your make-up to look.

      She will tell you exactly what is achievable and will use ordinary make up to demonstrate her suggestions. You will be involved in the process at every step so rest assured, you are in the hands of a professional Cosmetic Consultant and together you can realise your dream look.

    • Is Permanent Make-Up safe?

      Yes, it is extremely safe. Meticulous high standards of hygiene are demonstrated before, throughout and after each treatment. We only use hypo-allergenic, pharmaceutical grade pigments which are selected for their complete purity and proven safety.

    • Does it hurt?

      Your comfort is of paramount importance. All clients pain thresholds are different, however, to greatly reduce any discomfort a very effective topical anesthetic is used on the treatment location before the semi-permanent cosmetic treatment begins. Most people will feel nothing at all, while a few feel a slight prickly sensation. 

    • How long does it take for a treatment?

      You will need to allow 1.5 to 2 hours for your first procedure. If you intend to have more treatments you will need to allow longer – please consult your Cosmetic Consultant.

    • How long will it Last?

      Permanent Make-up should last for several years. Over that time the colour will gradually fade, therefore, we recommend that you come back to us for a colour boost every 12-15 months to keep the look complete and fresh. 

    • What will I look like after my treatment?

      After a procedure the area treated will be much darker and more intense, which generally only you will notice.

      On the second day after a procedure is performed, a light dryness will form which is only dry to the touch but will fall off after a few days. During this time the pigmented area will look darker than your desired shade, however, after the dryness flakes off, the colour will lighten up. It would be normal to experience some redness or swelling following the treatment, which will disappear after a few days.

      It is suggested that if you are having an eyeliner procedure that you bring a pair of dark glasses with you as you may look as if you have been crying. Ever so slightly inconvenient but the long term results are well worth it.

    • What About After Care?

      We recommend you avoid rubbing the treated area and as well as avoiding make-up for 12-24 hours. After this time the use of new or sanitised wands, brushes and applicators are recommended.

      Once healed, you can wear as much or as little conventional make up as you desire. We would also recommend that you avoid sports, swimming, or any direct heat such as saunas, hot bath, shower or hot hairdryer near the treatment area for 12-24 hours following.

      These are a few recommendations, however, you will be given a comprehensive after-care guide following your treatment, along with verbal instructions.